What are Chic Shoes Online Rewards?

Shopping is fun and we at CHIC want our customers to celebrate each time they shop with us. So, we have a unique way to make it fun for you.

The CHIC Reward program is a reflection of our commitment to our customers that we will be there caring for your needs at all stages of shopping, be it before or after sales.

Reward Program is a points based system that automatically adds points to your account on each successful order. All orders that are delivered are termed as successful orders.

We offer 1% reward points on each successful order. That is, if the total order value is AED 200 then Reward Points – 2 will be added to your Rewards Account.

Value of 1 Reward Point = AED 1 or similar value in other currencies we support.

How do I check and redeem my Reward Points?

You need to have an active account on and you will be auto enrolled for reward points program.

You can check your reward points summary by logging in your Chic Shoes Online account and going to Reward Points section.

To redeem your Reward Points enter the available points in the field at Checkout  and click apply. **Make sure reward points entered are available in your account and are not more than the order total value.

The reward points are now applied to the cart and total is now reduced with the reward points.

Please note, you will need a minimum of 20 Reward Points to apply it towards your order.


What are CHIC Online Credits?

Chic Online Credits are similar to the Credit Notes feature in day to day commerce. We do not offer cash refunds to credit/debit cards, but if you wish to return an item, the price paid for your items will be returned to you via Chic Shoes Online Credit.

You can then use this credit to purchase a new size, color or a totally different item altogether. Chic Online credits have unlimited validity. So you can just relax and shop as per your convenience.

All refunds are processed to your Credit Account. These credits are automatically applied to the shopping cart at the time of checkout. Credits have same value as the currency of your transaction.

How do I check and use my CHIC Online Credits?

You can check your Credits summary by login in your Chic Shoes Online account and going to Credit Account section.

Credits are automatically applied to the shopping cart total when logged in, on the checkout page. The credits applied on checkout are automatically debited from your Credit Account.

We also offer transfer of credits from one account to another. But to maintain privacy and secrecy we may ask you details to verify that both accounts belong to you. You may please contact us for further details.


How can I obtain and use CHIC Online Vouchers and Coupon Codes?

We may offer our loyal customers Online Disount Codes and Coupons from time to time based on our promotions. These vouchers may be obtained on your purchase from our retail stores and also sometimes received along with your online order.

To use these vouchers or coupon codes, simple enter the same in the field on the checkout page. Please note, you can only use one voucher per order. Multiple vouchers cannot be added together and used at the same time.